Most defence systems are part of what is known as System of Systems (SoS), which can be defined as a group of integrated big scale systems, very different from one another and independently operable, but which work to reach a common objective.

The heterogeneous character of this kind of systems, with analogical as well as digital subsystems within the global SoS, makes the so called ‘formal’ Verification and Validation Processes, as defined by ISO-24765 and ISO-15288 regulations and the like, which have been traditionally used in verification and validation of SW and HW, not directly applicable nor understood on military SoS.

Facing these peculiarities, several theoretical approachs have been developed which differ from formal Validation and Verification Processes. Still, a practical standard of certification for products within this area is lacking.

Knowing that these systems have a very critical nature, Evercare, has developed its own procedures to define and carry out, where possible, techniques of formal Validation and Verification and safety assurance which best tailor to each system, as well as to decide and apply the optimal combination of formal and informal technique. Elsewhere, Evercare, offers its clients the possibility of assuring its products to be properly built and confirm that the requirements are met once finished. In this way, the following services are provided, among others:

  • Safety and dependability evaluations throughout the different phases and steps of development
  • Assurance of safety and software robustness
  • Safety establishment and demonstration
  • Evidence gathering for system evaluation


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